UNIBLOCK UBR - Hybrid Rotary UPS from 150 kVA up to 1300 kVA

The UNIBLOCK by virtue of its low output impedance inherently delivers fault current of 14 times the nominal full load. Offering fault current delivery similar to the systems utility transformer, security is provided even when utility power is not available to the site. This guarantees disconnection of a downstream fault within 10 milliseconds, without going to an unprotected bypass source, if available, as required by other UPS systems! With UNIBLOCK during fault clearing, full UPS function - including battery operation - is maintained and remaining loads are unaffected. The UNIBLOCK UBR assures that a localised fault won’t take out the entire data centre.


Hybrid UPS from 150kVA up to 40MVA
Leading and lagging output power factor without derating
Water cooling available using building's chilled water
Unlimited crest factor
Inherent fault clearing ability for short circuit faults without bypass
Very high efficiency
Virtual unity input power factor
Sinusoidal input power factor
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Unparalleled reliability
Plus unequalled efficiency
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