APOSTAR AP Premium+ - 100 kVA up to 400 kVA

A true double conversion online UPS, the AP Premium (100 to 400kVA, three-phase) employs next-generation technology to provide reliability, efficiency and flexibility in a remarkably small footprint. The AP Premium is engineered to deliver greater real power to protect the most demanding applications, including today’s leading power factor loads. High performance IGBT’s, positioned at the front end, provide active filtering to assure the cleanest sinusoidal waveform. Advanced digital controls and communications give the user easy and confident command of the system. And an innovative DC interface prolongs battery service life.

high output power at capacitive loads
sinusoidal input current THDi < 3%
high efficiency, up to 96%
flexible battery configurations
high reliability
EMC-class C1 and C2 (for unlimited use) available
variable cable connection (from bottom and top)
standard extended-range communication protocols
reduced weight and small foot print
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